Anno Domino: Synopsis

Cast: 3m / 3f - with 2 off-stage voices
Running time (approximate):
To be confirmed
Availability: Anno Domino is not available for production.
Acting Edition:
Anno Domino has not been published.


Ben Martin (76, a former barrister)
Ella Martin (70, his wife, a former magistrate)
Martha Dean (47, their daughter, a teacher)
Craig Dean (45, Martha's second husband, a mechanic)
Cinny Greene (20, a trainee restaurant manager)
Raz Wray (18, Martha's son from a previous marriage)
Sam Martin (48, Ben & Martha's son, an architect) *
Amelia Wilkes-Martin (Milly) (49, Sam's wife, a solicitor) *

* Off-stage voices intended to be played by members of the company.
The synopsis will be published during summer 2020.