Anno Domino: Significant Productions

This page contains details of significant productions of Alan Ayckbourn's Anno Domino.

World Premiere (2020 - online audio stream)

World premiere: 25 May 2020
Final availability: 27 June 2020
Format: Audio Stream
Company: Stephen Joseph Theatre

Director: Alan Ayckbourn
Sound: Alan Ayckbourn
Final Mix: Paul Stear
Ben Martin

Ella Martin
Martha Dean
Craig Dean

Cinny Greene
Raz Wray
Sam Martin
Amelia Wilkes-Martin (Milly)
Alan Ayckbourn
Heather Stoney
Heather Stoney
Alan Ayckbourn
Heather Stoney
Alan Ayckbourn
Alan Ayckbourn
Heather Stoney
Note: Anno Domino is a full-length, full-cast play. However, during the Covid-19 theatre lockdown during 2020, Alan Ayckbourn premiered it as an audio stream with himself and his wife, Heather Stoney (both former professional actors) performing all the roles. It is hoped that Anno Domino will be produced on-stage as intended as a full-cast production in the future.
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.